The Pool Collective

Carefully curated, our artists and makers are highly creative people with vision, experience, and unmatched skill. They see what others don’t, have the imagination and wherewithal to pull it off, and maintain mutual respect for both art and making. Our approach is driven by a passion for both art and making. We assemble customised teams of skilled, creative, and passionate artists and makers that adapt and scale to the demands and goals of each project.

Our production approach combines the right mix of consultation, vision, and the pursuit of excellence. The imagination and expertise of our artists are brought to life by an innovative support crew who make special things happen and achieve great success for our clients.

direct all new project enquiries to:

Courtney Wellsmore | Executive Producer
+61 422 071 037

our makers:

Cameron Gray | Creative Director/Co-founder
+61 409 330 616


Zoe Izzard | Producer, Sydney
+61 412 587 242


Lauren Simpson | Producer, Melbourne


Georgia Akle | Creative Coordinator
+61 422 390 893


219 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042